Nov 15, 2009

Recalling Summer Beauties

As the cooler winds blow in and the temperatures drop I find some serenity in reviewing the pictures I've taken throughout the summer months of my flowers.  I just linked my site with "Todays Flowers" so I thought it appropriate to share some of my beauties.

This is my first year of growing hibiscus. Hopefully they will survive our Northern winters as well as the saleslady said. They are the "hardy" type so wish me luck.                                                              

I'm well aware that cabbage is not a flower, at least not this particular one; BUT it's still as pretty as can be with the sun shining through it's leaf. Don't you agree?


Naturegirl said...

Welcome to TF meme...sure love your entry!

ellen said...

awesome! mine is up. God Bless!!

guild-rez said...

Very nice pictures!!Botanically these plants are Hibiscus moscheutos. They are native to marshy areas of North America.
Zone 3-4 with good winter protection they will bloom again.
- Cheers From Canada.

Dee said...

I love hibiscus. I hope they flourish and do well for you.
I love the cabbage picture. I think vegetables and all sorts of plant life is just as lovely as flowers. ;)

Thanks for the memories of Summer Beauties. I miss them already... :(

Wishing you a lovely week!

~mel said...

I love the hibiscus blooms and the cabbage leaf equally. Like Dee said, "all sorts of plant life is just as lovely as flowers". Hugs to you in Michigan from the Wisconsinite.

Dar said...

Awww, Cher, thanks for the peek of what was and what we have to look forward to after the winter winds and snow.
Gotta go bait with my sonnyboy

Red said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comments! =)

I love your photos. I know some people tend to think horticulture photos are over-done and boring but it's really my favorite. Who doesn't love looking at beautiful flowers and plants? I ought to go through my pictures from Summer and share some of my favorite flower/plant photos too. Perhaps tomorrow's post can be filled with pictures. =)