Nov 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Family and Friends

To those of you who are hosting this holiday ~ 
I wish you help and harmony.

To those of you who are cooking and baking ~
I wish you wonderful recipes with outstanding results.

To those of you on the invitation lists ~ 
I wish you appreciation and manners. 

To those of you who are traveling ~
I wish you safty and comfort.

To those of you whom I call family and friends ~
I wish we were together and I send my love.

To God the Father who makes all things possible ~
I glorify You through my humble thanksgiving.
I am ever so grateful for all my blessings.
In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ
Filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.


Dar said...

Your post is lovely...
Happy Thanksgiving to you dear sister. I will miss you too and send you my love. Have a wonderful day with your Hubby remembering the blessings and bittersweet moments of the year. I will be thinking of you. Blessings Be Yours

Dee said...

I agree with Dar, You're post is lovely.
Thank you so much, You've given a sweet blessing to us all.
God bless you and your family.
Wishing you a Very pleasant and Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

~mel said...

Happy Thanksgiving Cher & Thom. Have a wonderful holiday! Thom ~ aren't you glad you're not a Tom ... turkey that is? lol Don't forget to save room for the dessert! Love you both and wish you could be here. We're so overdue at the farm for a HUGE Thanksgiving Day ... maybe next year.