Nov 17, 2009

Treasure Hunting

I'm a treasure hunter!  I'm a believer that one mans junk is another mans treasure. But lets forget about men for just a minute, I'm talking about the great deals we women can find.  There are certain places I have a hard time passing. Thrift stores, second hand stores, garage sales, estate sales, auctions etc.  I've mastered scanning a garage sale in a  matter of minutes.  If there's a treasure to be found I'll sniff it out.

But as long as I've been doing this (no -I won't mention how many years) I still learned a valuable lesson this past summer.  Be the first one in the door, and if you're sisters are along, scan fast and head to whatever catches your eye even faster! 

My oldest sister was visiting and knowing she's also a "treasure" hunter, we headed to our local St. Vinnie's.
Now knowing we have very similar tastes, I knew I was taking my chances that she'd find something I'd like.
Neither of us buy, just to spend - we just get things that we know are functional for our purposes or maybe just a gift for ourselves because God knows we deserve it! 

Being a lover of old tapestry; I've found purses, table runners, wall hangings etc. at these wonderful sales.  However; I don't have a large shoulder bag perfect for an overnight bag or to take along on future shopping sprees - but she does!  She found the most beautiful green tapestry bag right in front of me.  Talk about a deal, it was only a few bucks and it's in perfect condition.  I spotted it across the room because it was even in my favorite color. Now I have no idea how she snuck right past me to get to it first but she did. 

I LOVE IT ~ but she owns it. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. 


~mel said...

2 funny! We sisters are so much alike. Remember those pink and purple plaid shirts from the blue light special super sale in Aisle 7 at Kmart?
I think Linda should be the bigger of the two sisters and give you her bag. lol Just kidding!! Haha... snooze you lose. You know that canvas bag I have with the flower print on it that you love... I found that at St. Vinnie's too... clincher... you were with me on that day too! ha!!

Anonymous said...

Geez Cher, hang on REAL tight to that
wall hanging tapestry. The sisters
are probably shopping the minute
they enter your house and vice versa! LOL

lil sis said...

Must have hit the wrong button - that
last comment was from yours truly.

Dar said...

Are you still crying about that tapestry bag?..poor baby
Love Vinnie's and just the search gets the adrenalin going...
remember that braided rug from the antique store?.. too bad, so sad, sure looks great in my kitchen
Let's do it again, they have a Vinnie's in Phillips now...til you get here again, I promise to sharpen my eye.

Dee said...

Just dropping by to say Hello!
I enjoyed your post.

ah me... Your sisters sound like such fun characters... lol

Wishing you many successful treasure hunts... fast enough to foil the sisters. lol ;)