Oct 27, 2009

Off the Beaten Path

Even though yesterday was a "gray day" we still took our usual walk. This time we decided to go a little off the beathen path to do some exploring in areas we hadn't yet visited. We turned left instead of heading down our usual trail, and knowing the general area and how the roads ran, where the river was, in what direction the lake was etc. we headed straight into the woods.
We really do live in a beautiful wooded haven. Pine trees reaching high into the sky, maples dropping their varied colored leaves and ferns preparing for winter. My thoughts kept going back to the numerous hours spent playing in the woods and exploring as a child. I loved it then, and I love it now. You never know what's around that next corner, like a bucket hanging on a branch, way out in the middle of nowhere. I think it was there just in case someone like me came along with a camera, which I did. I've learned to pocket the camera for just such occasions.
We came across this beautiful little oak tree. The display of bright red against the browning leaves was brilliant, even for a "gray day."

It's quite obvious that our fall is beyond it's peak but there are still a few trees holding on as long as they can. Although we've already had accumulating snow that lasted a few days before melting; I'm like that tree, holding on to the hopes of a few more warm days to call autumn before succumbing to the wiles of winter.

Snow pics coming soon !


Dee said...

Sounds like a lovely walk through the sleepy woodlands. I love the orange & red colors. I think your right about the bucket. What an odd thing to see. Yep, definitely a photo opp waiting to happen. lol

Thanks for sharing your walk off the beaten path. I enjoyed it very much.

Wishing you a lovely rest of the week!

~mel said...

Thanks for sharing your walk! When I go for walks I too find my thoughts going back to the numerous hours spent playing in the woods and exploring as a child. We really did have a great childhood. Next time you're home ... we're going for a walk :)