Oct 4, 2009

The Scuffle

I've been having a scuffle amongst myself. My mind has such great aspirations but my my body lacks the ambition. Without the get up and go, what good are my ideas? Even in my dreams I'm doing fantastic things and accomplishing all my undone tasks; so why can't I get that burning desire to actually get things done?

Today I'll blame the dreary weather. Tommorrow I'll blame something else.

Maybe if I keep journaling about it, I'll get tired of my own prattling and take action.

So it goes...


Dar said...

And I can sure understand...it has been such a mixed week for us that I NEED to do NOTHING...hope you figure it out...have a good day my dear friend and sis...it's raining here today so I will ask for sunshine for us both...loveya

Dee said...

~big hug~ I can relate to what your feeling. You hit the nail on the head with the title 'The Scuffle' It's quite daunting and confusing when there's no obvious reason to explain why one can't act upon their ideas, dreams or creativity. I blame times like this on middle age issues. Although the weather catches alot of blame too. lol ;)
I wish I could give you some advice, but I have none except take care of yourself and keep your dreams & ideals flowing and maybe soon you'll be back to your perky self and can get many things done.

Wishing you a terrific Tuesday! :)

lil sis said...

Big Dipper,
I've got a wonderful craft idea for you.
I'm still waiting for my Santa ironing board!!!!!
lol - just thought I'd give you a little push...
please don't push back too hard cuz I might
get hurt or something.
Love ya- me

~mel said...

Here's my advice ... Make Thom do something! Maybe if you see him busy with a project you can be the foreman... then you would be doing something.... being the overseer. I'm really good at that and genetically speaking I think you have it in you too. lol