Sep 21, 2011

I'm Done; or Am I ?

I honestly 'thought'
that I was done canning
for the year
But ... that was before
making 8 half pints of apple butter
21 pints of plums
& 14 quarts of apple pie filling

 But what would you do 
if someone gave you some plums
 and a neighbor offered some apples
 We cooked them up, sauced them
and made some crock pot apple butter
 then we found some more apples
and a friend had just shared
a recipe with me for

So tell me what would you do?


Sharon said...

I would probably freeze them - I can prep in my recliner... Your canning looks so pretty! I can almost taste that pie now!

Momma Button said...

I'd pretty much do what you just did. I need to dry some apples and get a little more jelly on the shelf before I can call it good. Yours look really pretty!!

Dar said...

Apple Pie in a Jar looks awesome-
just like the plums and butter...busy girly! So, you're bringing pies home next trip over?, that's what I heard~

The White Farmhouse said...

I would post recipes! Look at you! You are like a canning maniac. I need to take a nap now!

~mel said...

Post that apple pie in a jar recipe or email it to me or better yet call me ~ please please please. I tried doing that once and they all went bad on me. So now I just make up the apple pie and freeze it or just cut up the apples and freeze them to use later in a pie. Isn't canning fun! I really do love it when you can go and grab a jar off the shelf in the middle of winter :)

jack69 said...

You beat all woman. hat sounds good, but truthfully everything looks good. That is sayng alot cause we have been crusing and eating for a week and that apple pie in a jar LOOKS and sounds great.

Love from Flroida,
Sherry & Jack