Sep 18, 2011

End of Summer Chores

The end of summer means
bringing in some of the plants
we hope to keep going 
until next spring.
 and herbs
 and the rack to hold them
 and sorting through
tomatoes and plums
 and doing yet another batch of canning
once you thought you were done
who would have thought we still
had that many vegetables left ?!


Sharon said...

It is all about saving out summer, isn't it? Whether it be plants or food! Good time to do it!

Dar said...

Everything is picture perfect, Cherrio! Love the look of those veggies, are they pickled? Where were you hiding those gorgeous plums?
:) looking great, sista!

Fred Alton said...

Honest, Cher, I don't know how you and your sisters manage to get so much done. The cold weather must mean that you have to stay active to survive. I kinda like our long lazy hazy days of summer. It's now starting to be "Indian Summer" which can last through mid-November. Not saying it will this time.

Remington said...

Everything looks so perfect!

Kerin said...

Hope that your herbs thrive and give you plenty to harvest through the winter :)
Love your canning pictures.....your jars are beautiful!
Have a happy day!

~mel said...

Aren't bakers racks suppose to be filled with baked goods??