Sep 8, 2011


Every so often
I need to recharge
my soul
I often do that
through nature
this time it was along the south shores
of Lake Superior
where nature itself puts on a smile
 and the sound of the waves
dissolves all stress
a place where I can
recapture a balance
through the power of prayer
and the beauty of nature
 I feel refreshed.

We started our weekend with a trip back home, visiting with family as we gathered in the comfort of 'Mom's' living room. The following morning we met up with some of Thom's family who made the trip 'up north' where they spent time in a cabin on a small lake. After fishing was checked off their list, we all pitched in and had a 'pot-luck' supper of fresh tomatoes, corn and cucumbers, hamburgers and good old Wisconsin bratwurst on the grill. Dessert of homemade peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies from yours truely.
 Then we shared stories and laughs over a few drinks around the campfire. Have you ever laughed so much that your cheeks hurt?
 The sunset came on so fast that we almost missed it. But thank heavens for the click of a camera to capture it forever.
On our way home we stopped at a wayside
to stretch our legs
and look at the size of this tree!
It towers over the others which are full sized. 
 It was breath-taking against that true blue sky!
 I love the contrast of the greens found in the woods
 and too soon we were on our way home


Dar said...

I see you had to Reconnect too!!!What a great bunch of pics of your Nature Escape~~~you sure know how to make me miss Little Girl's Point. It's on my fall roster. Join me.

TexWisGirl said...

sounds like a perfect weekend. your photos are gorgeous. thanks for sharing.

jack69 said...

Wow, what a great trip. Thanks for taking us along. I had just got back from your mom's house, going with Darla. Now you take us back to that warm living room. And the trip to the lake and nature.

Something about stacked rocks I love. Wonder what that means?
Thanks Cher for such a great entry. Our love to Thom. one day we must meet.

Love from NC
Sherry & Jack

Papa and Nana O said...

Beautiful pictures - sounds like a great trip. I'll be going back and looking at those shots again in February ;o) That tree is amazing!!

Fred Alton said...

What outstanding pictures, especially of that giant tree!!! Don't think I've ever seen anything like it. Thanks for sharing your week-end with us through these fabulous photos.

Cathy Clementz said...

It sounds like everyone had a good time. Hard to come back to reality. Your shots are very colorful and I enjoyed them muchly!