Sep 16, 2011

I believe I may have reached the
end of my canning for the season!

Canned Carrots and Pickled Vegetable Mix
 Refrigerator Pickles
 and now to keep up with the tomatoes as
they ripen, if we can't keep up - I think I'll freeze them
 Cherry tomatoes ripening every day
 but somehow we manage to eat them as fast as they turn red


~mel said...

Me too ~ I've been a canning fool. I left now with some tomatoes ripening that I'll make into salsa or stewed tomatoes ~ open kettle canning as they ripen. Your jar of pickled veggies look good ... all they need now is a good Bloody Mary soaking :) Maybe I can help you out with that some day... that would be fun.

jack69 said...

Sweetheart, you make an art out of canning. I know Bill loves to see it, as well as enjoy it especially in YOUR winters there. A beautiful entry and it makes me hungry!!!

Love from Florida
Sherry & Jack
PS: Bill and the rest of the gang, enjoy it!!

Denise said...

That is a bountiful harvest, and everything looks so colorful and pretty. These photos are lovely.

Dar said...

LOL, Jack, Bill would LOVE to devour Thom's produce...they share round the table. LOL
Love the colors of canning. So vivid!
BlessYa and thanks for canning for
Jack is entitled to an error, right?

Cher' Shots said...

Yes Dar, Jack is entitled to an error but we'll still love him :)
and JACK, Thom will really enjoy that jar of pickled vegetables, it has hot peppers in it and they just kill me.
'love you all'

Fred Alton said...

Cher, what beautiful "cans" of veggies! And yes, I think I'd freeze anything else that comes in from the garden. After can only stand the heat in the kitchen for so long. I bet "Thom" won't mind. Can I tell you a secret? for months I read his name as "T-h-o-r-n". These cheap plastic glasses are starting to blur my vision! ☻☻☻

Anonymous said...

Look at you! I think there is nothing more pretty then canning jars filled with yummy vegetables and fruits! I made 3 batches of jelly and still have them out on my cabinet- just love looking at them! Silly I know!

bee blessed