Aug 19, 2011

Monarch Butterfly About to Emerge

(click on pictures to enlarge)
Our good friends have a monarch
butterfly about to emerge
 she called to see if I wanted to take
some pics and of course I did
 its hanging off their
topsy turvy planter
Note the changes in the
following two pictures
the colors in the wings are showing
the emerging seemed to slow down
so we wandered around the yard
 I'm still snapping pics of course

 I love the ducks on this fountain
and the old wagon wheel topped
with the vintage window box

 and as we strolled along ...
 she found a new chrysalis
hanging on the garage wall
 and the remains of last years
hanging on the house
 after an hour of waiting, I headed home
Enjoy the remainder of the summer
the bees sure are!
Tomorrow I will check the progress on the butterfly.


Paula said...

Can't wait to see the buterfly.

jack69 said...

Amazing this fact and act of nature. You have inclueded some beautiful flowers. i believe you guys UP THERE appreciate the flowers more because of the short growing season, and you have more. the shot of the bee is very good.
Love from down here. (and going further South soon)

Kathy said...

Oh, I love this post!! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! - kathy

eileeninmd said...

What a lovely garden, the fountain is wonderful. I love the sunflowers. The are so birght and cheery.

Cathy Clementz said...

These are wonderful!!! You have such a pretty flower garden/yard to enjoy!! I'm sure it must be a lot of work, but I bet it is worth it! The photos prove it is!

TexWisGirl said...

that is so neat! have never seen a chrysalis in person.

bekahjane said...

oh that's so cool. cheers!

Dar said...

Sy just got so excited to see that chrysalis and wanted to know if he could have it~~~lol~~~he loves nature so much. Hope he gets to see the Monarch, which he knew by the wings, before he leaves tomorrow.
Just got back from Twin Lakes where Staci and family are camping, for a birthday celebration for Bailey...what a nice camping afternoon.

Marilyn said...

When I was doing my student teaching back in the '70's one boy brought in a caterpillar and I've remembered it ever since because I was able to see the wings as your great picture shows. It is so amazing. ♥♫

Sharon said...

Hello, Cher! Nice to "meet" you! I am now following you too! :-)

Bring Pretty Back said...

How exciting to see the butterfly!
p.s. I live in mi as well , but below the bridge. LUCKY you to live in the U.P. - my favorite place on earth!
Have a pretty day!

Fred Alton said...

Beautiful post! A real nature lover's feast.

Zoey said...

How exciting to have two different chrysalis to watch. I hope you get to see the butterfly emerge.