Aug 8, 2011

Hometown Celebrations

Most small towns
celebrate with an annual
 'hometown celebration.' 
 Our hometown of
 Park Falls, Wisconsin
celebrates the festivity called 
(click above link to see the list of events)

My Grandson in the middle with my
 sister's grand loves ready for
the frog jumping contest!
Grand loves and cousins watching the parade  
 Puppy Dog hugs for our Granddaughter
 Grandson running from a clown
Dad teaching son that clowns are NOT scary!  
 Showing off her candy bag ~ lots to share!
Our future mode of transportation?  


TexWisGirl said...

LOVE the running from the clown!!!

Fred Alton said...

Cher - i love seeing the reports when your family gets matter the occasion. You are a special bunch!

Jill said...

Looks like such great family fun!

Paula said...

I still love a parade. such cute pictures.

jack69 said...

good pictures and comments, especially the future transportation??? LOL

I kow everyone had fun even the anti-clown trick. Gets attention every time hahaha

So this is going back home!!!!

Love to all!
Sherry & jack
(I recognize Sy!)

The Retired One said...

loved these shots...our little community has a great fireworks and fourth of july parade with the same is SO MUCH better than going into a larger city to see them! Everyone is happy, everyone knows each other--everyone CARES about each other. It is priceless!

~mel said...

I don't blame Sean for running ~ I'm not overly fond of those clowns either:)

Dar said...

Tell Sean that even Andy ran from the clowns...Ben thought they were weird and Sy said they were just do have their opinions on clowns....
Getting the GrandBoys together for the Frog Jumping Contest sure was fun tho, and Hot, so hot out.
Great to see you two weekends in a we gonna do this if you move to Wyoming?, HuH?
Love that PupHug! Great memories.

Papa and Nana O said...

Wow - you're quick to post the pictures!! Wonderful shots of the kids. Sean is keeping up a fine family tradition with the clowns. Steph would have decked them if she could have gotten close enough! I'm glad a lot of the cousins & 2nd cousins were able to get together. What is this about Wyoming?????


Kathie Truitt said...

My hometown has the annual picnic simply dubbed "The Picnic." The town of 3,000 grows to about 70,000 for those three days.