Aug 2, 2011

Enjoying Our Back Yard

We sure enjoy watching
the deer in our
back yard
The does have bought
their fawns to our yard
every year since we've moved here.
 Momma teaching her
babies what to eat
 and this is why
we have a fenced in garden
 they can have all the clover they
want that is hidden in the grass
 but we're eating lettuce
and spinach and peas and
carrots and beets
and swiss chard
and ...


TexWisGirl said...

so sweet! especially since you've protected your garden!

Paula said...

The next thing you know the deer will be lounging on that pretty bench.

DD said...

I would enjoy that view too, it is beautiful!

Remington said...

So that is where they are! I haven't seen the deer for awhile -- they are at your house! Tell them hi from me!

jack69 said...

Envy, sorta comes to mind. What a thrill to have that scene in your back yard.
Love from NC

That Paula, now I see the deer on the bench! That Texan has an imagination.

Fred Alton said...

Upper Michigan has some great wildlife scenery! And that garden says to me that the ground is fertile and will produce crops for those willing to work it. Beautiful, Cher.

~mel said...

I need to fence in my whole yard! The rabbits are really raising havoc ~ I have no ever-bearing strawberries left ... they ate not only the blossoms and berries that were coming ... they ate the whole plant. They also ate my roses and are munching away at the hostas.