Aug 25, 2011


apple picking time 
 means baking apple strudel
 and apple crisp
 and a bowl of fresh


Dar said...

Are those from your tree and are they Yellow Transparents? They look good enough to eat, as well as the Strudel and the Crisp~I'll bet they were out of this world, oh great BakerGirlSis of mine. Does CF have a Fall Fest?

TexWisGirl said...

apple crisp was one of our staples... :)

Sharon said...

That strudel looks good, I sure could go for some about now!

The White Farmhouse said...

Boy, you and your sister were on an apple roll yesterday! The apples look great! You know better than to post scrumptious looking food like that without sharing recipes! Shame on you! LOL

jack69 said...

Both look great, but I think I want the Crisp, Shucks , and the struddle too!
I love apples, they are not in down here yet, but looking forward to it (If it comes in the next three weeks!)
Great shots and pretty apples.
Love from NC
Sherry & jack

Fred Alton said...

I love apple strudel and/or apple crisps on a cold winter's day, along with a cup of hot apple cider! Pull a chair up to the fireplace as sit a spell.

Cathy Clementz said...

You make me feel so lazy!!! I love all of those things, but don't have the time, energy (or good apples!)!

I love to make apple cider pancake syrup, freeze it up and then through the winter we have apple pancakes with cider syrup. I have also used apple juice which works pretty well in a pinch!