May 11, 2011

Springing Forward

In the early 1900'
Lady Mary Wortley Montague
developed a language of flowers
in which significant sentimental
meanings and thoughts
were assigned to many flowers.
May's traditional flower is the
lily of the valley
and its sentimental meaning is:
return of happiness.
photos found online
verse found in 
 'inspirations from the good earth'


Remington said...

They are so pretty....

~mel said...

I love lily of the valley ~ they are so fragrant and the little bells look like they are punched out of white leather.

Dar said...

I have a mess of these sweet scented darlings that need to be moved before Bill dumps a load of gravel on them. The Lily of the Valley always remind me of Mom.

Paula said...

So pretty!

The Retired One said...

Love that!!...the return of happiness! How wonderful. I love the scent of them too!!

Darla said...

I too enjoyed ... the return of happiness!