May 6, 2011

what lies beyond?

I am starving for some LUSH-ness!
To the point that I am GREEN
with envy when
I see others yards ~ online
 those gardens lush with
Green, Green, Green!

 I'd love to see
where this path leads to
Or what's beyond the garden gate

and what's around the next bend
or at the end of the walk

photos found online


The White Farmhouse said...

Love all the pics, but that last one got me! How gorgeous is that! I love it! I may have to do something like that IF my fence ever gets finished to that point. I love that!

texwisgirl said...

patience, patience... how long have you lived in wisconsin and UP? you know how fickle and 'late-to-the-party' spring is there!

Paula said...

I love this entry. We're begging for rain here.

moni said...

We are so dry, not a drop of rain this year and texas is burning up too. The flowers are truly beautiful but I must admit, I am not a fan of green. With green, comes: weeds, bugs, mosquitos, humidity..all the nasty things that follow warm weather. I prefer the desert.

Fred Alton said...

Your Mom was/is a very nice looking woman. It's obvious that all of you are loved and were raised right!