May 4, 2011

New Finds

I love to snoop around
at my favorite little store,
in hopes of finding
Something to work with
 ~ to transform.
I found some treasures
for pennies on the dollar!
and I mean 'pennies'
Two 16" coco fiber lined baskets
Two bags of fabric samples
Oh yeah
I have some crafting ideas in mind!

A set of stamping alphabets
and two rolls of clear contact paper 
seen on the left side of 
my wallpaper basket
and every single find
was under a dollar!


texwisgirl said...

look out! she's on a mission! the craft wheels are turning!

Dar said...

Wow Cher, You really did hit the mother-load. I could use the baskets. What are you doing with the fabric go girly.

Fred Alton said...

I love observing as creative people like you get going with an idea! I'm looking forward to photos of the finsished product.

CIELO said...

Dear Cher' Shots, thanks for the comment you left in my garden of roses earlier this morning... I love it! ;);) I left a message for you there too! Sending sunshine and bird songs your way...


Dar said...

Hey Kiddo, Just wanted to let you know I made a human error and deleted your comment on my entry...sorry, but I didn't realize I entered the pictures they have real words to go with them...just like a kid's book...heehee.
Please come back and comment again. Loveya, Sis!

Remington said...

WOW! You did great!