Apr 27, 2011

We are Blessed

While home for Easter our grand-loves entertained us with some guitar playing, fiddling, dancing, singing and of course lots of laughs. From their infancy on,  I've been amazed as I watch each and every one of them develop their individual personalities’. Although their interests may differ they are each evolving with their own talents. While some love music, others may excel in the artistic fields or sports.  Each is a treasure ~ they sparkle as individuals but they glow as a group.  We are truly blessed!

Simynda fiddling 
 Summer joining in
with a song they wrote
dedicated to their Mom
Simynda just started playing
guitar 2 weeks ago


The White Farmhouse said...

Aw, aren't they just gorgeous! I just love Syminda's smile! It does look like they are all having a great time! I bet they love going to Grandma's as much as she loves having them.

texwisgirl said...

i had seen photos on mel's and dar's spot but it was fun to see it in action! :)

Dar said...

Wasn't that just the most fun watching the little ones making fun!
So much love has beamed from those walls at the farm.
Thanks for sharing Cher.
Loved our time together and our GrandLoves are still talking about it.

Remington said...

I love happy blogs! AND this was a very happy one! Thank you for sharing!

~mel said...

The kids sure did have some fun! As did the adults watching them :) ~ I'm so glad you and Thom were able to come home for the weekend ... and you were able to play scrabble with me:)Next time though ~ I'm pulling out the BIG words (those little unknown ones)! Then maybe I'll have a flying chance of beating you ~ Ms Scrabble Queen!!