Apr 4, 2011

Easter Eggs

Martha Stewart has some great
Easter Egg
ideas to share
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Check out her slide show for more ideas with instructions:


jack69 said...

Easter eggs ain't what they used to be. Rabbits used to lay simpler eggs. hahahaha

Good entry.
Sherry & jack

Linda said...

I love the decoupaged eggs...sweet butterflies...I'm inspired! Thanks for sharing!

Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski said...

These are drop dead gorgeous - I'm also inspired (as always) by your blog posts. Thanks for sharing!

Dar said...

Well look at you Marth! Aren't you in the mood! I have a couple of goose eggs that need a touch-up...thanks for sharing Martha, Marth!

~mel said...

Holy smoly ~ there's 62 different ways to make Easter eggs on there! I like the puddly pig and cows and the gilded ones sure are pretty; but if I had to pick just one way to do them I think I would do the botanicals. WOW... thanks for sharing that link. Now I have some contemplating to do ... if I get a headache from it ... I'm blaming you. Just because I can and that's what sisters do ... blame the other sibling! Ha... I love you... have a great day without me!

Remington said...

VERY cool!

Boho Farm and Home said...

Oh I love those! I bet they would even look better with my multi color eggs I get from the girls out back! :)
Love the plaid on...I might just have to try that!

Kathy said...

For some reason my Easter eggs never quite turn out like this!