Mar 20, 2011

This is Spring?

First Day of Spring 2011

This is Spring?
It's 'slushing' out!
a mix of snow and rain
heavy, wet

Yes folks, yuckiness is a word!  Especially in our neck of the woods where it 'slushes' out on the first day of Spring.  As my sister Mel over at UpNorthwithMel says we were at the stage of snirt! But now we are covered with snow again.  I want to see some green.  You have no idea how bad I want to see green ... I was so desperate that I even tried the casino this past weekend, and they let me down ... no green their either!!  The only green is what I left there ~ but it wasn't a wasted weekend.  We spent some time  sitting in the hot tub, sauna and swimming with  four of our grand-loves.  A lot of laughs and hugs were shared. 
But then we had a white 'slushy' drive home.  Who'd a thought this was the first day of spring?  How did you welcome spring?  


Cathy Clementz said...

I didn't even think about it being the first day of spring since it has been in the 80's the past couple of days! I just hope all that snow and slush business doesn't catch us on the way back!

texwisgirl said...

Oh bummer! Wow! I mowed the whole lawn this week and have been in shorts and tees for several days now... :(

Fred Alton said...

I am glad to report that Spring is here in Tennessee with a splendid display of sunshine, flowers, and a chorus of birds chirping their glad songs! Our temperatures for the last two days have been very decent at 74 degrees fahrenheit. Sorry for you (and our children too) who live way up North. Like Mel and you, our kids are seeing plenty of "snirt"! Did I tell y'all they live in Watertown - next door to Canada? Brrrrrrrrr!

Paula said...

we spent the first day of spring going to our little old historical church. After lunch and a nap of course we had some chores to do at the ranch. Sorry you left your green at the casino. Thats what happens to me everytime I go.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

WOW your first day of spring was not really ncie at all. Ours was wonderful even if a bit chillier than the past couple of days. Still high 50s is better than snowy slush. Check out some spring pics for today on our blog - might cheer you up a bit.

~mel said...

At least you were able to spend some time with family and get out of the house over the weekend. I saw your other little grandlove, Sean over at Syrus' birthday party ~ along with all the other little ones in the family. What a pile of kids! Syrus, Ben, Noah, Dylan, Ryan, Julie, Bailey, Christopher, Austin, Isaac and Maya were there. They sure had fun. Andy hosted a very nice party for Sy... and Dar sure made a big pile of pretty cupcakes with all kinds of fillings (which I'm sure she'll be posting about). I picked up Mom and took her to the party. We were the first ones to leave because we had to go home and chase her chicken back into the coop before it got too late:)~ she was worried about a weasel or fox getting it. lol Thank you for the invitation though to come over to the casino to see you there; but you know how it goes sometimes ~ and it's just not that easy to always get away. Besides that ... my cha ching has up and cha chunked on me and I just didn't have the funds for fun. It would have been nice to see you and Thom and Shan and Tod and the girls though. Hopefully, over Easter we'll see you??? LOVE & HUGS!

jack69 said...

I am beginning to doubt if y'all have spring. They are saying SNOW here.
Reading stuff from up here I am learning a new vocabulary.
Does your mama know you use that kind of language???

I know, I know both the sisters have told me it finally comes in y'all's neck of the woods, but sometimes I wonder!!!

Sending love from over in the Detroit area.

Remington said...

Yep! Looks just like spring in MN to me....