Mar 14, 2011

Earthquake and Tsunami

The more footage that comes along showing the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan  - the more my heart aches for them and the harder for my brain to even grasp what all they're going through. 

Here's one of the latest videos I've seen:

Watch it to the end - unbelievable! 

Please note that this is a link to a facebook page and beware of some of the language in the comments.

There's also a pretty graphic one out there with a whale smashing into a building. Sad!

Prayers continue ~ ~ ~ ~  


Fred Alton said...

What pain it causes in my heart to see whole homes washed down the current with such ease! Awesome. Hard to watch.

Sherry said...

This system will not let me go to any videos or many links.
We too hurt for the folks over there. What devastation.
Love & Prayers
Jack & Sherry

texwisgirl said...

I cannot imagne the heartache of the survivors. The trauma will be long-lasting. The loss, unimaginable.