Mar 27, 2011

Spring Checklist

My spring checklist is moving right along:

* Purchase garden seeds - done
* Clean kithchen cupboards - done
* Buy new bib overalls - done
* Clean bathroom closet -done
* Clean linen closet - done
* Clean clothes closets -
* Start seedlings -
* Paint walls -
* Shave legs - done
* Plan garden -
* Get haircut - done

So what's on your list?


Remington said...

WOW! You are good! I don't even have a list yet!

~mel said...

That's all you have on your list ~ I'm giving you my list too. So happy to see you got some new bibs and shaved ~ lol. We weren't going to plant a garden this year, just rely on the farmers market and do our purchasing there; but now with the expense of EVERYTHING - we're rethinking that idea. I told Slim it was foolish not to use the garden spot over by the farm seeing as how we put all that nice fencing around it for Mom to keep the deer out.

Dar said...

You can have my list too, Sis. So, you got your hair cut too...load a new pic for us to see. I cleaned out my pantry today, not because I wanted to but because a box of cereal and a bag of chips fell on my head and all I wanted was to get the mixer out...geez

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Similar list items such as clean closets and cupboards. Grenville does the seed buying and garden planting. I help with weeding. I've been clearing out excess items for donating to local thrift stores.

Sherry said...

I am just glad you did not waste your time cleaning closets but did get the hair cut and legs shaved. After all........

I hope you had a good weekend. Tomorrow it is back to work. Do you remember that????

TAke care, I hope Spring springs on you next week!!!!

Love Sherry * jack

texwisgirl said...

ha ha! shave legs...