Jul 1, 2012

I made a crystal fairy garden 
with baubles, glass chess pieces, 
little trinkets etc. 
then I went into my photo program
& made the sweetest fairies out of 
pictures of my grand-loves.
I laminated them and added little
sticks on the back to place them. 
In one of our rock gardens 
I added Grandma & Grandpa 
cuddling on a bench. 
So when the grand-loves came for 
the weekend they could play with
the figures, including going to 
visit Grandma and Grandpa
in their garden in a land 
far, far away 
just like in real life. 


jack69 said...

Yeah! and I bet you are the type of Grandma that they love to come and see because you know how to be a child also!!!

Good entry!

Paula said...

A nice Grandma who lets her grandloves play with the fairy garden and not just look but not touch.

Dar said...

Awww, the girls must have had such a memorable time once again. Your fairies are adorable~~~~visit Grandma and Grandpa ~~~~~ far, far away...So sweet.

Dee said...

I love it!!!! How creative and fun. It is so pretty...adding the grands pictures is the frosting on the cake...they will never forget it. Awesome. :)

~mel said...

Cher ~ those turned out so cute. I bet the kids really enjoyed them:)

Mary Ellen said...

Cher what a fun idea to put your and hubby and grandkids in the fairy garden!! Enjoy your little space!