Jul 17, 2012


We have been very blessed 
in our area to still have enough
 rain to keep the gardens growing. 

 The squash and peppers are doing well 
and the beans are now blossoming.
I had to plant twice to get things going;
as we had a hard frost then extreme
heat during germination of the seeds.

The dill is way ahead of the cucumbers 
... oh well ...
we'll take what we can get! 

I can't wait until the cucumbers 
start to climb the trellis. 
Although they look healthy 
the cukes are still hidden 
under those beautiful squash. 

If I were a fairy 
I'd set up housekeeping 
under this squash plant! 

This is the geranium 
that I kept alive throughout 
the winter.  


TexWisGirl said...

looks green and healthy, there. good for you!

jack69 said...

Wonderful post. Love the looks of the veggies and flowers. Looks like a lot of love and work, I am glad someone will make that effort, the pictures prove there are still 'pioneer' souls that want to do it themselves. Love it.

Paula said...

Looking so good!

Dee said...

Amazing to see your geranium....and your garden looks so nice and green. My Franks table top garden is going nuts.:) Thank you for pointing out the second heart on my blog...it was a delayed blessing for me. The closer I look at the heart in the leaves I am thinking it acted like a stencil for the sunlight on the tree.:)

Chatty Crone said...

You have a lot going on in your garden there - looking good. sandie

Cathy Clementz said...

YOU'VE got a beautiful garden!! So clean looking and the plants look like they are doing very well! Takes a lot of work. Dan's peppers aren't doing much and he was so ticked off at the leaf lettuce that he cut it all off last night! We didn't even get a taste!

~mel said...

I just did my first canning of pickles today. Also, had a few meals now of the bok choy and swiss chard. My radishes just bolted on me in this heat ~ only have been able to eat about a third of what I planted. The rest we just pulled the plants and tossed on the compost. I'm sure within 2 weeks I'll be up to my eyeballs in beans:)

Dar said...

Your garden is coming along great. We ate our first meal of sugar snap peas and green beans last night. Also have had our fill of spinach and chard which needs cutting again. The 2nd planting of radishes are just about ready and I need to pick summer squash, zuchinni and cucs tonight. But for now, spending a day with Karen garage saleing as soon as Bill gets back...Billlllll, where the heck is Bill.

Kathy said...

Your garden is looking really good. Here in Texas our gardens are already burned up for the summer! But here in my area we are still also having rain. Four inches just in the past two weeks, but where TexWis lives, she's still in drought and we're not even a hundred miles apart.