Mar 15, 2012

I'm all thtuffed up!

We're sick! 
We don't like being sick!
The weather is getting so nice out 
and here we are all '''thtuffed up!'''

must be the sneezing!  


TexWisGirl said...

you and dar both need to be quarantined! :)

Paula said...

Oak pollen is high here. Hope you feel better soon.

jack69 said...

I hate it, just left Darla (sick) and Mel (who is at war) then come to the third member of the trio and was feeling down but burst out laughing at your sign.
You are a NUT!
Hope you get to feeling better. 2 asperins at 10 and 10 asperins at 2, should work.

Love ya!
Sherry & Jack from Florida!!

~mel said...

Okay... enough with the rotten colds already. You and Dar both need to keep your sick air at least a phone line distance away from me. You both sound alike right now. cough cough sneeze arrgghh cough cough arrghhh

Sure glad Jack's not a doctor ... 10 aspirin at 2 ... mercy!!!

Sharon said...

Allergies can kick start one heck of a cold. My nose runneth over.

Fred Alton said...

Such a nice day here - I hope all I do is wet my plants but with this chemo stuff ... who knows?! Hahahaha.