Mar 23, 2012

If you love nature like I do;
click the Bald Eagle Cam 
link below and watch the eagles live! 

Photo found online. 

Bald Eagle Cam

Once you open the page and click play on the video
click the button to the right of the green button for full screen. 


Remington said...


Dee said...

Thank you for sharing husband a I will enjoy watching the little one's grow...I am so thrilled.

jack69 said...

Something about Eagles I do so admire. From my childhood and hearing daddy talk about them.
Thanks for the thread....

Dar said...

I watched the eagles last year and am watching the Red Tail Hawks this spring via Cornell cool. The GrandLoves are amazed.
BlessYourHeart and See you two next weekend at Bill's Retirement Party.

Fred Alton said...

Thanks for posting, Cher! Great to watch.

Dee said...

It is Dee again...I just want to say I am loving the video of Liberty and Justice as are my grand children and friends.:)