Jul 18, 2010

World Renowned Organist came to Town

We were honored today for the second time since moving to Upper Michigan, to attend the performance of a world renowned organist David Wickerham. His performance is so amazing that it's hard to put into words.  A dear friend of ours introduced us to this wonder man a few years ago. Our friend and his father-in-law played a huge part in getting the organ into it's present home and in getting it into operating condition. So now our little hometown holds the largest pipe organ North of Chicago.
 Dave played it with excellence and ease.  After the first half of the program he said he would like to try something different... he had a notepad in the lobby during his break and he took requests.  Later he set the paper in front of him and he compiled a medley of the miscellaneous songs requested.  AMAZING doesn't even come close ... he played several tunes nonstop - one would have thought he had rehearsed them in order.  He is so astounding that it's hard to believe what we saw even after seeing it. 
The organ is a Moeller Theater Pipe Organ with over 1600 pipes, 3 rows of keys and who knows how many tabs. It is also magically connected to a player piano setting next to it so you can see just how fast and  how many keys he is playing... let alone the footwork involved.  WOW!! 
If you ever have the opportunity to see this man perform, DON'T MISS IT! 


Dar said...

That's awesome Cher. That's quite the organ. What a treat that must have been. Thanks for sharing your excitement!

~mel said...

I KNEW there was something that I was going to do this weekend!!! and completely forgot!!!!!! You should have called and reminded me. Instead ~ Slim and I laid around like couch potatoes. I wanted to see that concert in the worse way after you had told me about it on the phone the last time you saw him. dang dang de dang REMIND me next time ~ even if you have to bonk me in the head with a frying pan.

The White Farmhouse said...

Sounds like you had a great afternoon. Great history lesson about the organ too.