Jul 15, 2010

Another Trash to Treasure

Some of you may know my sister Mel, if not it's your loss. She's so talented, very loving and lots of fun to be around. Anyways; we were talking about the great grill she won at a fundraiser drawing, and how she had promised her old grill to her son. So I told her how we had bought a new grill this spring and that my dear hubby built me a garden cart out of the old one. It works great.  


~mel said...

First ~ thank you for the kind compliment!:)) Second ~ WOW!!! That garden cart from the old grill really turned out great!! That was sooooooooo smart of you to come up with that idea.

Dar said...

Well, lookie there. Now if that isn't ingenious of your dear Thom. That was a pretty cool way to 'go green'. Hooray!
Did you call me tonight?

mountain.mama said...

Hi Cher,

No we didn't see many moose around Delta Junction or anywhere else. I guess they were hiding from us.

The Retired One said...


moni said...

Cher that garden cart is the BOMB ;)

Dee said...

Awesome! I love this idea. You and your hubby did a fabulous job. Love it!