Jul 22, 2010

Today ~ I Cooked

Around here, there is no such thing as 'scheduled' meals during the summer months.  Gardening and yard work among other projects just doesn't permit it. Winters are much more predictable.  But today - I cooked! 
There was a wonderful breeze so I whipped open the windows and let it fly through the house as I cooked!
I made stuffed cabbage rolls. Oh yeah, so worth the time and effort put into them.  So as long as I had the ingredients on hand and the time to do it I cooked a lot of them.  A roaster full plus a casserole full.  Enough for tonights meal, leftovers and several packages to freeze.  I cooked!

and then I made a wonderful fruit bowl for dessert!

Watermelon, bananas, black plums, kiwi fruit,
strawberries, bing and rainer cherries.
Supper was soooooo good because
 today I cooked!


Dar said...

Pigs-in-a-Blanket,....what a great idea. They sure tempted my tastebuds. And your fruit salad, now that would be all I need, providing I would not have to share. We eat tons of fresh fruit too...those cherries on top and the black plums, oh yea..

The White Farmhouse said...

Recipe please! I love cabbage rolls! My stepmonster found out that I love them and whipped up a batch for me once. I have never in my life had cabbage rolls that oozed grease when you bit into the. She was gracious enough to give me the recipe too. It's somewhere along I69. I do feel for the poor sap that picks that yuckcipe up. Everything you did looks so delicious! I think I need a little smackeral of something now.

Cathy Clementz said...

Gosh that looks good! It also looks like a LOT of work!

Anonymous said...

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