Sep 21, 2014

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Wow, it’s been over a month since my last posting.  Sorry about that!

Our washer went on the fritz which was no huge surprise since it’s about 15 years old.  So we bought a new set which I absolutely love, love, love! 

My dear man checked with consumer reports and the one we were interested in just happened to be on sale at that time AND it was the number ONE on the best top-loading washing machine list ~ Score, score, double-score!  

So once the delivery and install was complete the new ones sat out from the wall a little further than the old set which meant my short arms couldn’t reach the shelf.  Not a good thing. But have no fear Super Husband was here to come to my rescue.

He added a lower shelf.  I added a little domestic flair and all is well in my world once again! Curtains hide all the household cleaners - which I can now reach ... 

and the electrical and water hoses are also hidden. 
Happy happy, joy, joy! 


TexWisGirl said...

it's the things we rely on that can bring the easiest joys when we think about it. :)

Dicky Bird said...

Looks nice - I look forward to seeing you in Ringle - at the Popplewood 4-H 18th Annual Ringle Harvest Day!

jack69 said...

A washer and dryer that works is good, but when mama likes the looks and set up it is BETTER.
em Air Force Guys can do stuff (when they have to) (SMILE) Life loves a happy camper!!!

~mel said...

I'm a finger crossing that mine keep on working now that they have run out of the 7 year annual check up plan that we had with Sears.
It's a good thing Martha ~ I like your lace :) curtains.

Dee said...

I have not had a new set in so many years...they look high tech to me...I can relate to your joy...we got a new fridge and microwave recently...compliments of the apartment management...:) Your idea to cover the cleaning stuff works well...cute and a more pleasant incentive to do laundry.

Dar said...

Mine had a mouse under it so I think I need a new set....don't ya think?
I love those curtains too...clever girl.
Loveya Sis, and Miss you too