Aug 15, 2014

Bond Falls

Living in the U.P. (yes, we're Yoopers) we like to occasionally take a little ride to see some of the waterfalls in our area. 
 click on pictures for close-ups

Michigan is said to have nearly 200 named waterfalls, all but one located in the Upper Peninsula. 

However most of those falls are quite small. 

This week we went over to Bond Falls and I have pictures to prove it.  They've built a wonderful boardwalk since our last visit so it is now wheelchair accessible as well. 


TexWisGirl said...

it is just beautiful.

jack69 said...

Something there is about a waterfall!
Fascinating and that is to all ages..
Thanks for some great shots!!!

Anonymous said...

I warmly welcome and invite you to watch a new photo album “Lilies”
Good weekend!

Dar said...

Nice way to spend a day and not far from your home. Sweet.
Your foot must finally be on the mend...step carefully~

E.C. said...

Beautiful photos. The area is magnificent. There's a hypnotic quality to the sound of waterfalls. What a wonderful place to spend the day.

Dee said...

Beautiful...I had to take a double look to see the people in the water in the second photo. WOW...I would have been found down stream. I was not aware of how many water falls the UP has. It is nice to know this one is wheel chair accessible. Are you starting to see signs of Autumn up there?

Donald Strong said...

I do love visiting the falls sara and I did on our honeymoon up there and one day we will go back love and miss you guys.