Sep 13, 2012

Random Shots

Our Grand-loves off for an adventure! 
And now they both started kindergarten. 

The last of the hardy hibiscus. 

Parsley & Petunias 

My thrifty find of pottery! 

Moonlight wrapped up for viewing! 

Tomato harvest ... again! 

Fried Green Tomatoes ~ hubby's favorite! 


TexWisGirl said...

lovely shots, all of them. the grandgirls are precious. the moon shot is beautiful!

Cathy Clementz said...

You would have been right at home on Little House on the Prairie!!! You sure do a LOT of garden stuff and cooking that bounty! K-garten already????

Dar said...

It's so hard to believe Sloan and Taylor are already in Kindergarten. Ben too. Where has the last 5 yrs gone? Your flowers look great, love the parsley tucked in the petunias.
Sweet finds, Vinnies? A perfect moon, blemish-free tomatoes, mine too, and one of my favs...those Fried Green Tomatoes...the movie too.

Renae said...

oh Cher - thank you for joining Picture Poetry this week. Love those fried green tomatoes (soo nice and tangy and fattening - yum)

Dee said...

What a sweet photo of you grands...and those fried green tomatoes bring back child food food memories. I have not had them in years. Love the moon photo...very creative.

Remington said...

Great shots, my friend!

jack69 said...

Great pictures. Good shot of the girls.
I love Fried green tomatoes....
Good stuff, Thanks, now I want a good fresh tomato (and the fried ones also!)
I could tell Thom was pretty smart!!!!