Aug 30, 2012

Tip of the Day

Yes Virginia,

There is a Santa Claus, and there is such a thing as the perfect boiled egg!  And peeling them couldn't get any easier!

Place eggs in a pan. Cover with cold water. Add salt to make peeling easier.  

Bring to a full boil.  Turn off the heat but leave setting on burner for an additional 15 to 20 minutes.  Then drain and run cold water over them until the shell is cool to touch.  Drain cold water off but LEAVE about two to three inches of water in bottom of pan with the eggs. 

Put a lid on the pan with the eggs still in that couple of inches of cold water.  Hold lid tight and ((((SHAKE)))) the begeebees out of the eggs.  The shells should now slip off easily. 

Works for me! It's my favorite way to easily peel eggs!   
Click on the picture to enlarge. 


jack69 said...

Now that is neat. I was with you until thee was a whole lot of shaking going on, never done that, sounds like a winner.
Love from Bangor

Dee said...

Wow that's cool...I will definitively try this. Thanks for the will make things so much easier when making deviled eggs.

Dar said...

What'll ya come up with next, I wonder~~~is the rumor true? You're coming home this weekend?

Fred Alton said...

WoW! What a trick. It looks like you have a winner here. I'll let ya know next time I try it.