Aug 5, 2012

Canyon Falls in Upper Michigan

Come and wonder
as we wander

beyond the
beautiful ferns

to a peaceful
place in the woods

down the boardwalk
we'll keep following
that trail

to the rivers edge

and past the snake

and the stair-
stepping rocks

to the sound of
the falls 

and more falls

until we see the cause
of all that noise 

and slabs of rock cliffs
as though cut with a saw

and the canyon walls
of the rivers bend

and the vines that
crawl those walls

 I hope you enjoyed
our little adventure! 


TexWisGirl said...

very pretty place!

jack69 said...

Oh yes, I loved it. There is never enough water falls for me. I love them and love to see pictures of them. I can imagine the sound, and it is a pleasant thing.
Love ya!!!!

Kay said...

Beautiful except for the snake.

Paula said...

Beautiful! What kind of snake is it?

~mel said...

Very pretty ~ thanks for taking us along on your walk. Next time, maybe I'll be able to walk it with you (or better yet Thom can give me a piggy back ride).

Dee said...

This is my first time hearing about Canyon Falls...the next time we are in the U.P. we will have to check it out.