Dec 7, 2011

A to Z's of Christmas

Mel over at Up North with Mel did an A to Z Christmas list on her blog and ended with "So what's your A to Z;s of Christmas?" Well now, being that she is my sister - that sounds like a challenge - so here goes:

A to Z's of Christmas 

a - adoration 
b - birth
c - Christ
d - decorations
e - eggnog
f - family
g - gingerbread
h - holly
i - icicles
j - Jesus
k - Kris Kringle
l - love
m - mistletoe
n - noel
o - ornaments 
p - poinsettia 
q - quilt 
r - reindeer
s - Santa 
t - tinsel 
u - unwrapping 
v - visitors
w - wreaths
x - xmas 
y - yule log
z - zzzz - a long winter's nap

footnote: x is a Greek symbol for Christ - but please note that I personally prefer to use the word CHRIST in Christmas
Nov 11, 2011 – Explanation of the origin and use of the abbreviation xmas. ... an unknown (since the Greek letter chi, [C,c] which looks like the English letter x, is the symbol ... 1) Using an "X" to replace Christ's name in Christmas - i.e. Xmas

So tell me, what is does your A to Z Christmas list look like? 


jack69 said...

I like your list, 'specially the zzzzzzz long winter's nap. I think I am alot like a bear. I don't like short naps, but when I sleep, I want a long one..
Merry Christmas to you "Yuppers"

Love from Florida!!!

Remington said...

Great list -- I will have to work on mine....

Denise said...

That's a great list.

Paula said...

Oh I think you measured up to your sister. Both good lists.