Dec 6, 2011

~ It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ~


TexWisGirl said...

the sled is my favorite!!!

Remington said...


Fred Alton said...

Love those old fashioned crock pots - and yes - your place is looking like a Merry Christmas!

Dar said...

Sweet little tree. You are so ready and I still have the oranges and browns of fall all over the place....hmmm, time to put the knitting needles down and get busy.
Love the moose, and of course, the chicadees, your dollies, the sleds, oh dear, I love it all.
BlessYa and Jolly Merriment to You and Yours

jack69 said...

What a very inventive person. Love what you can come up with, very beautiful and can I say a little 'classy?'

You done good!!
Love from Florida
Sherry & Jack