Oct 13, 2010

The Demise of the Old Apple Tree

And now; a funny little story about "The Demise of the Old Apple Tree":

We live in apple country. There are a lot of wild apple trees around here - let alone the orchards people have started.  When we moved in the tree on the corner of our lot was old but still producing well. It was so loaded with apples that we had to prop the branches up so they wouldn't break down onto our new split rail fencing.  The tree was also so hollow that we knew it was on its last leg, so we cut the branches off one at a time, carefully setting them on the ground and then picking the apples off.  Well you can only imagine the looks people were giving us as they drove by.  Finally the next door neighbor walks over and asks "what are you doing?" to which I replied "picking apples."  He looked so befuddled I wish I would have had my camera ready.  He says "Um, What about next year?"  I asked "what? "  He repeats "What about next year?"  I said, "well there are lots of apple trees around for next year."  OH MY GOSH ... by now I could hardly hold a straight face, my husband is standing back snickering to himself and the old fella was showing fear in his eyes. Fear that his new neighbors were idiots and that there wouldn't be an apple tree left in the country within a few years time.

The joke had gone far enough.  We showed him how hollow the tree actually was and that the branches were barely hanging on and it certainly wouldn't have made it another year.  But for those few brief moments, my hubby and I truly enjoyed our common wierd sense of humor.


Kay said...

What a wonderful and funny story. Love the bird houses.

~mel said...

... and you wonder WHY you're the talk of the neighborhood???

LOL... that's a good one Cher!

Kathy said...

This KILLED me!!! I'm still laughing!! I love what you did with it too. It's adorable!


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

HA!! That is funny. Poor poor beautiful apple tree. They always produce the most right before they go!

Bonnie Bonsai said...

hahaha ... i need this laugh in a long long long long time.

Amusing story indeed! And how you made my day. Thank you for making me laugh. It is the kind of healthy humour we all need.

"A keen sense of humor helps us overlook the unbecoming, understand the unconventional, tolerate the unpleasant, overcome the unexpected and outlast the unbearable."~Billy Graham

Must come back again to read some more.

Here to say, thank you so much for the lovely feedback you left in my Agapanthus floral memes blog entry. My apology for slackness.

jack69 said...

Love it. Ain't it great when you realize a great time for "The Joke!" Especially when someone gives the great lead in line!!!!!
I would have loved to have been there!
"Ah ha! newbies with a new way to pick apples!!"

Must be from down South! (OR ALASKA)

Love from NC

Quilt Works said...

Lovely story! And I love the bird houses in the photo! We recently began collecting bird houses. If you know where I can buy them for my yard, I'd love to know.