Oct 7, 2010

Halloween Sky

I took this picture in August while traveling 'home'.
It developed into quite a storm that night.
But now is the season
of ghosts and gouls ~
I keep watching for a
 witch to do a fly by.


jack69 said...

Neat shot. I guess you know she just few by before the shot!!!!

Good catch and accompanying notes!!!!

lil sis said...

Cher, that would really make
a cool watercolor painting...
looks eeeeeeeerie.
later gator, love ya me

DoanLegacy said...

Those clouds look kind of fearful!

~mel said...

My broom is out of gas!

Dee said...

I love paintings and photo's like this. :)

Evelyn said...

I like this photo. When I was young, I always thought that the sky was black at night. Nobody ever pointed out that it wasn't... well, I realised that it was blue much later!