May 17, 2009

Projects Palooza

Look at what Santa's helper does in the off season ~
He not only builds gardens, he also builds bluebird houses.

And then "his helper" does a little wood burning adding her personal touch.

and then they built a frame for a swing recieved several years ago

as a very special gift ~ a gift from the heart!

If being retired means that one gets tired over and over again

then we are truly retired!


Dar said...

Now aren't you two just the ambitious couple of retirees.....nice work folks.....

the Baitlady said...

Your bird houses and swing look great! I like your remark about being tired over and over again. I must be rereretired.

lil sis said...

Cool bird houses - makes me want to do some
wood burning. Both of you are crafty!

Dee said...

You two are really talented. I love your whimsical birdhouses and your swing is fabulous.
Great pictures. It's so fun to see the steps of you creating your wonderful things.

Another wonderful post!
I'm so glad you opened this blog! It's a real treat to visit here.
Wishing you a dandy of a week!

Dee said...

Hey Cher, Thanks for stopping by and leaving such happy comments. You made me smile. :)

Oops, I didn't mean to confuse anyone. lol
If I were you, I'd follow the directions on the packet.

I edited this in on my BN entry and thought I'd share it here with you to hopefully explain the sun-thing. ;)
The reason to kept the jar covered cuttings out of the direct sun is that the fruit jars acts as little green houses but they don't have any venting. If the sun is directly on them they can get too hot inside and kill the rose cutting.

After the cuttings roots and start to get some healthy growth on them, I reckon a person could transplant them most anywhere just like any other regular rose bush. ;)

Wishing you fabulous success with your roses!

Laura said...

Hmmmm - that swing looks like one I saw years ago in Missouri! I'll bet Thunder the cat would recognize it. Finally it has a frame worthy of its history. The bluebird houses are beautiful!

texwisgirl said...

Oh my gosh! I want one (or a dozen!) Do you sell them? How about doing a giveaway for one on your blog? Count me as your first entry! :)