May 27, 2009


Sometimes rain can be a good thing. Needing a break from yard work, I welcomed the rain we've had for the past few days. It was slow and steady yesterday and drizzling off and on most of today. It gave me a chance to catch up on some household chores and time in the kitchen. It's like my second favorite place to be. Outside, kitchen, craftroom, office, family-room, bedroom ... the order changes on a daily basis.

YUMMY, Nothing better than a good home-made chicken soup to take the chill off a damp day.

Can't you just smell that soup? And being that the rhubarb was just about crawling into the house on its own, I baked a strawberry rhubarb custard pie with struesel topping, and a pan of rhubarb cobbler. More YUMMIES!


the Baitlady said...

So what time do we eat?

lil sis said...

Yup, I'm coming for lunch. I LOVE the combination
of rhubarb and strawberries.
So Cher, have you or Thom teetered today??? lol

Dee said...

~tummy growling~
Your rainy day post is much better than mine was. lol Thanks for your thoughts on it. I think you're probably right about what to do! ;) I hope I never have to find out. ~scary~

Your soup looks delicious and that pie wow, it sounds absolutely scrumptious! I haven't had a rhubarb pie since I was a child. And your adding strawberries to the zestful flavor would make it a buffet for the tastebuds. yummy!

Wishing you wonderful rest of the week!