May 5, 2015

House Hunting

Searching for the perfect home! 

I already checked the one over there 

I knew you'd love this one Dear! 

 Tree Swallows 


TexWisGirl said...

precious little beauties!

Paula said...

Beautiful bird.

jack69 said...

One of those SWEET/CUTE posts. Thanks. Loved the pictures. Amazing how you and your sisters were taught to understand birds and animals!
Mama was a great teacher!
Love from NC

Dicky Bird said...

pretty bird

DeniseinVA said...

Great photos and I love how the sunlight shines on their feathers.

Dar said...

Tree Swallows have robbed two of our Bluebird houses...swallows are great skeeter catchers but I love watching the Bluebirds. they catch skeeters too, but they lost the fight over the nesting boxes this year. We also have a Chickadee family in another bird house so plenty fluttering going on to watch.
How's the garden grow???
Loveya, Missya, Hugya, Kissya Lil Sis