Oct 3, 2014

Our Maple

Our beautiful maple tree ~
Every year it is one of the last in the area to change,
but always one of the most striking trees around.


debio said...

What a perfect, beautiful tree! We had amazing color this year! I think to apologize for the early snow fall..... GRRR
LOL Oh well. Enjoy that tree until every leaf is down.

TexWisGirl said...

so very gorgeous!

jack69 said...

By nature, one of the most beautiful trees, summer and fall...Thanks for the great looksee's.

Sara S. said...

I was talking with Mom today and she said the trees have pretty much dropped all their leaves already. I keep telling her she needs to come for a visit so she can enjoy fall all over again. Our trees are just starting to change around here. The only one in the yard that has a lot of color right now is my basswood.
Your maple looks so vibrant in the pics, I can see why you enjoy it so much. Just a shame that the season is so short. Love ya and miss ya. Give Thom a big hug for me and tell him I love and miss him too!

Dar said...

That is one gorgeous Hard Maple. Sweeter still, it's in your yard.
Have fun blowing all those leaves off your driveway., or do you rakeum' and bagum?
Have a great week, sis.

Dar said...

LOL, yes, he trusts me THAT much...love that man.

Dee said...

Spectacular!!!! :)