Jul 15, 2014

For those few of you who may have been checking my page; I’m back. The saying is that time flies when you’re having fun, well … it hasn’t all been fun but time did fly by since I last posted.

A little over a month ago I dislocated some ankle bones and some of the bones on the top and side of my foot. And although the x-rays showed no breaks, I severely sprained my foot at the same time. Oh, and I have heel spurs forming. Wasn't that nice of them to tell me?!

After laying around after ice bath soaks for the foot and ankle, elevation and the use of an air cast, I am finally on the mend.  Yesterday was my first cast free day after overdoing what I thought was healed.  Over use put me back at square one for a bit.

In the mean-time the flowers boomed while the weeds flourished.  The vegetable garden seems to be slow because of the wet, cool weather. So be it!   

We outsmarted the deer this year 
by fencing in all the flower beds. 


jack69 said...

Wow Sweetheart, so sorry to hear the foot and ankle problems. They can be a bear because you use 'em to go anywhere (and everywhere).
Oh but the flower shots and color are beautiful.
Love from the Catskills of New York
Hugs to the Airdale Thom.

TexWisGirl said...

so very sorry about the foot and ankle! yikes! hope you're healing now!

~mel said...

I think you should meet me at Little Girls Point some day and give that ankle an afternoon soaker in the Big Lake Gitcheegoomie :)

Dar said...

I agree with Mel. ~ and your lilies are outstanding this year. I've hear about your foot and ankle...hang in there. You need those twinkle toes and feet for dancin'

E.C. said...

I hope you're mending well and will be back to your perky self soon.
Your flowers are gorgeous. :)