Mar 13, 2014

St. Bernards

I love dogs, most any breed of any size (although I prefer large to small).  A St. Bernard still holds a special place in my heart.  It was the first dog that my deceased husband and I owned.  We had a pup named Cao aka Cuddles.  She was a bundle of furry love that grew into a puddle of drooling love.  But we loved her just the same. 
This pup pic that I found online reminds me so much of her. 

Please enjoy the link below ~ How would you like to feed this herd?  
Better yet, clean up after them? Or wipe their drool? 

And this is Sir ~ he came into our lives while living in Alaska.  “Sir” was a Champion whom we’d go to watch at the dog sled weight pulls. The very first time he saw us, he literally “pulled” his owner over to meet us.  She said he’d never done that before.  The next time we went to watch him he did it again. At that point she asked if we would stand on the finish line end of the track as he obviously wasn’t going to move from us at the beginning.  We moved to the finish line and he won getting to us.  After that she would just pass us the leash as she stated “he obviously wants to be with you, and there’s no stopping him.”  He LOVED pulling.  
What a great animal. We miss him. 


TexWisGirl said...

i love big dogs, too - have never had one as large as a st. bernard, though. just wish they lived longer and healthier. :)

jack69 said...

What a wonderful sight. The 42 must be in Alaska, the terrain looks like it.
Very sweet entry. Also what a sweet child.
Great story about 'Sir'. Thanks.

Stay warm in Upper country...

Dee said...

What a great story about Sir. Big dogs are cool but I like small. I had a lab and she was the biggest dog I have ever had and the sweetest. I think being in Upper Michigan a St. Bernard is a good choice for a dog. :) If I ever was to get another dog...I would get a poodle.

Dar said...

Someplace, I have pictures of CaO, now to find them. Sweet powerful story about the big Sir. He is a powerhouse, isn't he. He sensed you loved St. Bernards.

~mel said...

I loved Cao ~ remember when she put Randy up the apple tree and wouldn't let him down ... or the time up on the corral fence and he couldn't get down. I think it was just a game she played; but I do remember Randy not being too fond of her.

E.C. said...

Cuddles fit your Cao perfectly. She looks like she was such a sweetheart.
I think St. Bernard's are magnificent creatures and would be quite a joy to have.
However... I would not want a herd of them nor a herd of any kind of critters. lol
I think Sir recognized your good hearts and wanted to be near you.
I believe dogs recognize good folks with good souls.
Very nice post. I enjoyed it a lot. :)