Nov 3, 2013

Welcome November

Is it just me or are you having a hard time believing that it’s November already?  I’m finding that the old saying is true - The older you get the faster time flies by. 

Although I’m still in denial about turning 60, time sure seems to be flying by at rocket speed. 

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I planted the garden?  And now as the calendar page is flipped I’m already thinking of Thanksgiving ~ Turkey and all the goodies that goes with it.

I found this picture of a pumpkin pie on the net and I immediately went into drool mode. 

Give Thanks and enjoy each and every day that God blesses you with. 


TexWisGirl said...

it is flying... :)

jack69 said...

60! All your sisters (younger of course) must call you granny! (smile) Now Thom? nah he would never call you granny, he wants a pie like that!

Sweet entry and yes it does seem time starts unrolling faster as we add the birthdays.

Love you lady, I think those leaves are so cute and imaginative of someone.

~mel said...

Don't forget I'm coming for a visit ... just in case you want to be trying out that recipe for a pie :)hint hint

Dar said...

Pumpkin Pie, just ONE of my many favorites. I'm so appled out that I made Cho. Oatmeal bars today...AND Apple Fritters. Have fun next weekend.
Life is Tasty

E.C. said...

I totally agree, Time sure has flown.
It's hard to believe another year has almost passed. But we set our sites ahead and focus on the cold weather and holidays and yummy foodies like that delicious pie photo, Gosh it makes me hungry. :)

Rose said...

That pie sure does look good.


Cathy Clementz said...

Yes, it does FLY!!!! Especially with the darn time change! is that a photo of one of your pies???