Aug 19, 2013

Recent Shots

ELVIS lives on as Tony Rocker!  
And his performance came just in 
time to start my birthday celebration. 

Then we hit the road and headed further north 
("we" as in my hubby and I - not "Elvis" and I) 

Up to the shores of Lake Superior. 

Enjoying the scenery 

and we can't forget the 
"pound a piece"
 cinnamon rolls 

and the country roads to home again! 


Dicky Bird said...

Lake Superior is so beautiful! WOW I would love one of those rolls right now as I drink my coffee!! Blessings from Ringle.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, this is gorgeous!!!

and happy birthday!!!

Sara S. said...

Love the lake superior pics, makes me miss summer vacations up there. Those cinnamon rolls are HUGE! but look yummy! Glad you had a fun birthday! Love ya and miss ya.

jack69 said...

Love the scenery. Always want to go where I am not. and this is a place where I am not. Love it. Oh yeah and nice of Elvis to take time to have a photo and a chat.
Great entry and beautiful pictures. (Don't show NO MORE C-rolls, they look delicious!!!!!)

From North Carolina..... LOVE

Dar said...

what a 'sweet' birthday you had. We were up to Lake Superior Sat. Did you find any agates and what shore were you on??? It sure was a beautiful weekend. Elvis, huh?
Life is Good

~mel said...

I love the Lake Superior shots; how pretty and relaxing looking. Elvis impersonators kinda freak me out ... but ... thank you... thank you very much for sharing that with us. I know you had a fun birthday!

Dee said...

Happy Birthday...what a beautiful way to celebrate...I can tell by your smile that you totally enjoyed Elvis.