May 30, 2013


When old becomes new again 
 a calming place sets in the wood.
I just didn't have the heart to toss
out this tired, worn bench.

With an old concrete slab
 as it's new base ~ 
once again daydreaming begins. 
 And when the pedestal cracked 
and the birdbath tilted, 
we simply removed the broken piece 
and shortened the stand. 


Kay said...

I love these kinds of things.

Dee said...

They become art....:) The bench is great!

jack69 said...

Sweet. Love ingenuity, makes sense and also is very satisfying. Great shots. Time to ponder.
((HUGS)) from North Carolina...

debio said...

LOVE using repurposed and recycled things to make true garden art! Very cool!

E.C. said...

There is a sense of comfort in having old things around and still be able to use them even if it's for decor. You have a good eye & talent for putting the right items together to make the world a more charming place. :)