Nov 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Humor

My Thanksgiving prayer is that in whatever, 
wherever, whenever, whoever or why

One of my funniest Thanksgiving memories is the year when all three of our young adult children made the trip from Wisconsin to Missouri to spend Thanksgiving with their Dad and I.  After a day long marathon of "Christmas Story" and the thought of Ralphie shooting his eye out with that B.B. gun, we sat down to a full fledged Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings.  We praised our Lord, gave our thanks and began filling our stomachs; after which I suggested a break before dessert.  I told the kids that I was going to enjoy the evening and sit on the dock for a bit.  When they asked if they could help buy putting the food away, I directed them to where they could find containers and the plastic wrap if needed.  Jeff and I headed out to sit on the dock to watch the ducks and geese float by as I was ever so thankful for the family gathering and the laughter coming from the house.  Shortly after they all emerged from the house to enjoy the beautiful fall evening with us.  So much to be thankful for. As I reentered the dining room, I burst into a full belly rolling laughter until tears were streaking down my face.  Those goof balls had taken a couple of boxes of plastic wrap and wrapped the entire table, with plates and food still in place.  Under the table and back up and over, again and again and again. In every direction you can think of until it looked like a giant Thanksgiving Chrysalis.  I was sure a huge turkey was about to burst through it at any second. I still laugh at the memory of that sight - that very special holiday comes back to mind year after year, just like the layers upon layers of plastic wrap on that Thanksgiving table.  

Happy Thanksgiving to All!


TexWisGirl said...

oh, that is the cutest, most clever thing. such great kids!

Dar said...

ROFL, Cher, I have never heard this story before...but I do not doubt it for a second. I can just see your face upon seeing that well done job by the kids.
Special moments sure do bring back special memories. Just this morning, looking at old photo albums, I come across a picture of your family when the kids were little. It was a Christmas one at the farm...anyway, I thought of Jeff and wondered if he and Dad were having a few chuckles while walking Conners shoreline, fishing.
I sure do miss Dad like your kiddos miss theirs. Life is so full. We stuffed ourselves last night. Still feelin' it. You and Thom have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
LoveYa, Missya, Hugya, Kissya

jack69 said...

WHAT A TALE , and a time to remember. That must have been great!!!
What a Wonderful imagination for making a LIFELONG memory! I would love the chance to do that one day and give you the credit for the idea.

You Rock with a great story on Thanksgiving Day.

Dee said...

That is soooo funny...I will have to share this one with my friends. :)

~mel said...

Gotta love 'em! Our family does seem to have it's moments where our sense of humor comes out!! I'm glad my kids didn't read this and get any ideas for tonights clean up:)