Apr 20, 2012

Something to Ponder:

I came across this verse by Gertrude Jekyll as I was planning this years vegetable garden.  I found it to be so true, no matter what you choose; be it a container garden, a wall garden, a field garden or raised beds ~ which happens to be what we do for the most part because of our sandy soil conditions ~ I wish you all a season of happy gardening! 

I do not envy
the owners of
very large gardens.
The garden should fit
its master ... just
as his clothes do;
it should be neither
too large or too small,
but just comfortable. 
Gertrude Jekyll 

And in advance; 
Happy Harvesting! 


Chatty Crone said...

I like the quote too - and you must have a HUGE heart for gardening. Your gardens are awesome. sandie

jack69 said...

You plan ahead for the gardens. You guys are amazing how much you produce on the small raised plots.

Love from here,
Beautiful pictures, I thought Spring had really sprung into summer. Our two puny tomato plants are pitiful...

Dar said...

I love the garden pics...the last one almost looks like your raised beds which I love. The potato guy called and things will start to get underway around the 9th of May...cannot wait to see how he plants.
Also, cannot wait to get my fingers in the dirt planting veggies. WAY too cold yet. Froze again last night. I did get some perennials transplanted tho., thanks to Bill's new tiller and HIS back.

Cathy Clementz said...

Is this a photo of YOUR garden (not from this year I'm sure!)? You and Dan would get along famously!

Beth said...

Great quote! I miss having a large garden. Great pics!

Dee said...

My sister and her husband always had a huge garden like photo number three. I was blessed to receive fresh and canned vegetables to last all winter. I sure miss those days.They are retired and travel now...but it would not surprise me to think they have canned vegetables in the trunk.I was more of a plant in the pot farmer.