Oct 2, 2011

To those of you who may think I'm
missing in action:
I just can't get off of my rocker!! 


Paula said...

You do need some help here. lol

Lynilu said...

Now that's one serious rocker!!

TexWisGirl said...

ha ha! love it!

Dar said...

OMG Hilarious~~~you look right at home. LOL Oh, is that chicken poo on the bottom of your shoe? LOL
You're so cute, Marth!

Zoey said...

Ha, ha. Love it!

jack69 said...

Looks like an old TV shot from 'Laugh in' of course.
I heard that a sister said, "She has always been a little off her rocker!!"

That is not saying whose sister of course. LOL
Great shot, and that s Cedar wood isn't it?

Love ya! from central Florida

Kay said...

Now that is cool.