Oct 20, 2019

One Foggy Sunday Morning

We took a little foggy Sunday morning ride up north for breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants. 

They are  known for their cinnamon rolls that weigh over a pound a piece. Of course we had to bring a couple home!  I know we don't "need" it but dang, it's fun having a treat that lasts a week and then another one in the freezer for when the snow flies.  When sliced and made into French toast ~ oh baby that's good eating! 

With all the wind and rain lately I was a bit surprised at just how much color was still hanging on some of the trees. And of course looking out across Lake Superior is always a great view. 

Then we popped into the casino in Baraga for a few spins. Happy to say it was worth it.  We both walked out winners! 
On our way home we stopped by our friends restaurant the Sawblade in Amasa, where she (or her Mom in this case) makes the most delicious pizza (along with everything they cook!) So it's pizza for supper tonight! I love these kind of days! 

Oct 11, 2019

Let the Baking Begin!

So let the baking begin! Nope, not the Christmas baking but a bit of baking for an upcoming benefit being held at the end of the month for a dear friend. 
However; I usually start off the Christmas baking when the first snowflakes fly, so according to the meteorologist that could happen this weekend. Time will tell. I bake a batch of cookies that never seem to make it even remotely close to the holidays!  They just mysteriously disappear but it does start my thoughts heading into the baking mode for the season! But for now, a few loaves of banana bread that just came out of the oven are smelling quite tempting! 
It may not be snowing (yet) but baking was a good way to spend this oh so "gray" dreary, wet day!